Conservatory Sail Blinds
Conservatory Sail Blinds
Conservatory Sail Blinds

Is your conservatory or roof lantern too hot to enjoy?

The solution is InShade Conservatory Sail Blinds by County Shades
The alternative to traditional conservatory roof blinds that really work

We all love our conservatories, orangeries and glazed extensions as a way to enjoy and connect our indoor and outdoor spaces. Letting natural light flood our conservatories and homes we truly benefit from being at one with the outdoors. But how do we control the massive heat build-up and glare that comes with these large glazed elements?  The solution is InShade Conservatory Sail Blinds by County Shades an alternative to traditional conservatory roof blinds that really work.

InShade conservatory sails are the modern, efficient and alternative way to control heat and glare in your conservatory, orangery or roof lantern. An exclusive ISX solar control fabric reflects more than 70% of the sun’s heat, provides much-welcomed shade and cuts harsh rays whilst still allowing plenty of defused natural light to enter transforming your room into the perfect summer space.

conservatory sail in a hipped-back Edwardian conservatory
Sail Shade designs

Designing your layout

The only limit is your imagination

County Shades offer custom sail designs for any space or roof shape. Used alone or in combination conservatory sails can be stretched, twisted or shaped and are completely flexible meaning you have complete control over your own design with full or partial shading options available.

White sails provide a classic appearance and are by far our most popular choice, or create a contemporary look by adding accent sails in a bold colour. For something completely bespoke we are able to print your own images or pattern.

We have partnered and worked closely with InShade’s experienced in-house design team using a wealth of knowledge along with computer aided design to provide you with visual layouts of your perfect shading solution.

Easy to maintain and machine washable

No dust traps or dead flys

Unlike traditional pleated blinds, conservatory sails are easy to care for and can simply be unhooked and popped into your washing machine at 30 degrees, once clean they can be rehung damp and left to naturally dry in situ. We recommend washing at least once a year for the sails to maintain their clean look and perform best.

For those who don’t like ladders or washing County Shades offer a sail maintenance service, whereby we remove, launder and rehang your sails. As some conservatory sail designs are quite complex our maintenance service will ensure the safe removal,  cleaning and reinstallation of your sails as per the original design.

machine washable conservatory sail shades


The exceptional features and benefits of InShade sails

  • Exceptional Solar Performance up to 74% solar reflectance
    Helps to keep you and your family cool
  • Significantly reduce heat gain and eliminates glare
    Perfect for activities such as viewing TV, reading or gaming
  • 5 year warranty on fabrics and fittings
    Market leading warranties for your total peace of mind
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
    Simple, effective cleaning
  • Range of design options and fabric colours
    The only limit is your imagination
  • Unrestricted by conservatory shape, style or size
    Perfect for awkward shapes and designs that conventional blinds fail to offer
  • Protect expensive furniture from the sun’s harmful rays
    Keep your furniture and fabrics looking better for longer
  • Full or partial shading
    Shade only the part of your room that is exposed to the sun
  • Perfect solution for all roof lanterns, atriums and orangeries
    Sails are not just for conservatories, they are great for any glazed area
  • Enhances room acoustics
    Soften the hard acoustics and reduce echo from your glass roof
  • Virtually maintenance free
    No mechanics or mechanisms forgo wrong just keep them clean

Solar Performance

How do InShade sail shades work

InShade sails were developed specifically to deal with the high temperatures and humidity that can be found in UK conservatories. Enjoy your conservatory, orangery or glazed extension in greater comfort with sail shades from County Shades.

Our exclusive InShade 100 optical white fabric is one of the best solar reflective fabrics available for your home and outperforms most commercially available solar control fabrics and works in two ways.

1. Reflecting 72% of the sun’s energy to keep your room cooler and more comfortable

2. Transmitting 21% as soft diffused natural light to keep your room bright and airy even on dull overcast days

Colour Choice

A range of subtle naturals or vibrant colours the choice is yours

Sail Shade solid colours choice

Standard fabric comes in a range or subtle, natural colours. All standard colours offer best in the market solar performance providing heat control and exceptional value.

Sail Shade duplex colour choice

Duplex fabric further enhances solar performance – with a white side facing the sun and the introduction of darker coloured sails facing the room without compromising on solar performance or durability.

Colour match

Colour match is available for all fabrics. Colour Match option allows you to coordinate sails to your furniture, room décor or your favourite colour.

Contact us for a colour sample

Want to know more?

Download our conservatory sail shade brochure by clicking on the brochure image to discover more.

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