Would you like a shady garden retreat or somewhere cool to relax? Do you like to entertain on your patio? Or maybe large glazed areas like bi-folding doors and windows need shading?

We all love our patios and gardens and an awning is a great way to enjoy and connect our indoor and outdoor spaces by creating a cool relaxing environment, providing respite and shade from the sun and keeping your family and friends safe and dry during a summer shower. Or maybe you have the requirement to shade large glazed areas like bi-folding doors and windows.


Perfect for Stay at home holidays “stay-cations”

As more of us decide to spend our weekends and holidays relaxing at home an awning is perfect for creating that holiday atmosphere. Who hasn’t enjoyed a fresh meal or a cool drink under an awning outside a café, bar or restaurant whilst on holiday? Recreate that same holiday feel at home relaxing with your favourite drink on your own patio and enjoy your awning year after year for less than the price of a two week holiday abroad.

Ideal for shading Bi-folding or patio doors

Awnings are also an Ideal solution for shading large glazed areas such as bi-folding or patio doors and complement these perfectly. Internal blinds are great for when your doors are closed, but what about in the spring, summer or warmer weather when you have your doors open? Or when the Great British summer does its best and provides us with an impromptu rain shower. An awning is the perfect solution. No need to close the doors for shade, or to stop your floor and furniture getting wet during that rain shower. Put a stop to internal blinds and curtains flapping in the wind. Just uninterrupted views to your garden and enjoyment of your bi-folding and patio doors as they were meant to be.

BBQs, Garden Parties and Evening Entertainment

Create the right impression and ambience at your next garden party or fire up the BBQ in confidence this season without the fear of being rained off. Imagine a sophisticated evening dinner party with some of your closest friends or family under your own heated awning complete with adjustable mood lighting. Or just while away your time with your perfect partner until late in the evening.

The possibilities uses and memories are endless. Imagine what you could do under your new awning.


The exceptional features and benefits of an awning

  • Increase your usable indoor-outdoor space
    Indoor and outdoor spaces are no longer treated as separate areas
  • Use your patio or deck area for longer throughout the year
    British summer never lasts long enough extend the time you spend on your patio
  • 5 year warranty
    Market leading warranties for your total peace of mind
  • Perfect for shading bi-folding and patio doors
    Create shade for large glazed areas even when the doors are open
  • Extensive range of design options and fabric colours
    The only limit is your imagination
  • Protect expensive furniture from the sun’s harmful rays
    Keep your outdoor furniture and cushions looking better for longer
  • Full or partial shading
    Shade only the part of your garden or patio that is in direct sunlight
  • Privacy and protection with remotely operated sight and sun shades
    Valances and side screens to control wind, privacy and sun
  • Enhances any patio deck or garden
    Styles to complement traditional or contemporary courtyards, gardens and patios
  • Virtually maintenance free
    Follow the simple instructions of use and your awning will perform for many years to come

Designing your new awning

The only limit is your imagination

County Shades offer custom awning designs for any patio or deck or garden. Used alone or in combination awnings can be made to fit even the largest of spaces and are completely flexible meaning you have complete control over the elements. The only limit is your imagination.

3D awning design

3D designer brings your idea to life.

We use cutting edge 3D design simulators to demonstrate all awning options including colours, style and accessories, even what your perfect awning would look like on your own patio or deck.

We have partnered and work closely with Weinor and Markilux the industry leaders and winners of many design award. By using a wealth of knowledge along with computer aided design we are able to provide you with visual layouts of your perfect shading solution.

Easy to operate and maintain

Manual and Electric control

Whether you want a traditional manual gear drive operation or the convenience of an electric control all our awnings are designed with ease of use as a priority. Awnings are easy to maintain and only require minimal basic maintenance. As long at they are kept clean and are fully dry before retracting your new awning will provide many years of use.

For those who don’t like ladders or cleaning County Shades offer an annual seasonal maintenance service, whereby we clean, check the operation and test your awning at the start of every season.

Awning radio controls